Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Apostolic Christian Village is dedicated to providing quality care and services in a Christian atmosphere to those we are called to serve.


Respect – We recognize the significance of each resident and acknowledge his or her individual and unique worth.

Compassion – We believe that each resident should be afforded the care and compassion consistent with our Biblical principles. Our professional and volunteer staffs are committed to promoting the social, emotional, and physiological well being of our residents.

Self Worth / Purpose – We encourage the maintenance and growth of each resident’s sense of self worth and purpose by providing activities and learning experiences in a comfortable setting.

Medical Excellence – We are committed to providing a staff of professional nurses and nursing assistants who are dedicated to maintaining an environment conducive to promoting the highest possible quality of life. Our staff is supported by medical technology appropriate to individual needs.

Fiscal Responsibility – We are resolved to utilize any resource entrusted to us in the most responsible manner possible without compromising any of our other values.